Story of a Deer and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

This article was published in one of America’s largest circulating Urdu language newspaper. Please click below to read a pdf of the original article. Namoos-e-Risaalat aur Qissa Harni

Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan? (The Express Tribune)

BEL AIR: As an Ahmadi of Pakistani descent, I commend Raza Rumi and thank your newspaper for publishing his timely article “Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan?” (May 30). Jinnah envisioned a Pakistan where all minorities would have equal rights. [...]

Voices that make America great (Chicago Tribune)

I write this as a Muslim, as an American, as a husband and, most important, as a father of an 11-year-old daughter who is anxious to wear a head cover when she grows up to be a NASA scientist. Our recent vacation in France reminded us one [...]