A matter of shame (The Express Tribune)

MARYLAND, US: As an American Muslim of Pakistani descent, I am appalled and disgusted at reports of what happened to dozens of Hindus after a Hindu boy drank water from a cooler situated outside a mosque situated in Karachi’s outskirts. Such [...]

Troubling answer to query ‘Where are moderate Muslims?’ (Boston Globe)

NEWS OF suicide blasts at a Lahore, Pakistan, Sufi shrine, which promotes a moderate version of Islam, is unsettling (“Attack on Pakistani shrine leaves 35 dead,175 wounded,’’ Page A6, July 2). Even more disturbing is the backdrop of terror [...]

Conflicted loyalties of Muslim-American youth (The Baltimore Sun)

We need to raise a new generation for whom devotion to America and the Quran are integrated July 04, 2010 A few years ago, on a 4th of July cookout, I met a group of youth who were feeling alienated and downright embarrassed about declaring [...]