Do we even want this barbarism to stop? (The Express Tribune)

What are some of the key features of the Sialkot tragedy? Innocent young men being mauled by a mob filled with hate, and with dozens of people standing by, including the police, all doing nothing. These are not the hallmarks of a regular terror [...]

Islamophobia and Ground Zero Mosque controversy (NPR Affiliate Radio)

Islamophonia and Ground Zero Mosque controversy (NPR Affiliate Radio)

Denying relief on the basis of belief (The Express Tribune)

BALTIMORE, US: This is with reference to Abdul Manan’s article “The politics of relief: Aliens in their own land” (August 18). It was sickening to read the news story about 500 flood-stricken Ahmadi families being discriminated against [...]

Muslims should integrate better in the US (NPR-Affiliate Radio)

Muslim sect spreads a message of Peace (ABC News, Milwaukee)

Click here to view video WEST ALLIS, Wis. — Young members of a Muslim sect delivered a message of peace Friday at the Wisconsin State Fair. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community’s message is no more terrorism. But that’s a message [...]