Why this public obsession with religion? (The Express Tribune)

Lateef Khawaja was a retired man who lived a few houses down the road from us in Lahore. Everyone considered him to be a pious man but there were a few things he would never do: carry prayer beads in public places, compel kids to go to the mosque, [...]

Moderate Islam under threat (The Independent)

Being an Ahmadi Muslim from America, I was deeply disturbed to read your report “Hardliners call for deaths of Surrey Muslims” (21 October). This is too much change since my last visit to London in April. Over the past six months, [...]

Juan Williams’ Firing Not Justified (AOL News)

(Oct. 22) — “Believe it or not, I prefer driving a car instead of riding a camel.” I have successfully used this phrase as an ice-breaker in the beginning of my noncredit course titled “Islam: Fact and Fiction” [...]

‘The great debate over Islam’ (Dawn.com)

THIS is apropos of Irfan Husain’s article ‘The great debate over Islam’ (Oct 13). Mr Husain is spot on in his analysis of Islam in the West. As a US Muslim of Pakistani descent, I have tried to promote the peaceful teachings of Islam through [...]

USA: Assimilation? Try “education” instead (Asbury Park Press)

The assimilation of my wife and I into American culture started in Long Branch in 1996. That is where we, both doctors, settled after moving from Pakistan. As I started my medical residency at Monmouth Medical Center, she sacrificed her career [...]