Pakistan’s Blasphemy Knife (The Huffington Post)

After the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, a white reporter asked Malcolm X in reference to civil rights movement, “You feel however, that we are making progress in this country?” Malcolm responded by saying, “No. You [...]

Repeal the blasphemy law (The Express Tribune)

BALTIMORE, MD, US: I write with reference to Nasim Zehra’s brave call for repealing the blasphemy law in her article of November 17 titled “Time to repeal the blasphemy law”. General Ziaul Haq enacted this law to legitimise his usurping [...]

On Veterans Day, contemplating a world without war (The Baltimore Sun)

On this Veterans Day, I fondly think about my time serving as a physician-in-training at a New York Veterans Administration hospital. The year was 2000. The Gulf War was over. Our national debt was $5.7 trillion. Jobs were abundant. And “Gulf [...]

Where are the laws against falsehood? (The Economist)

SIR – As a “Muslimerican” I was embarrassed to note a fact in the Transparency International report. The top five most populated Muslim countries, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Egypt, fell under the miserable range of 2.0 [...]

Muslims for Peace (NY Daily News)

Baltimore: As a “Muslimerican,” I find the news of yet another terrorist attack aimed at America repulsive. What is refreshing, though, is the awareness that, as the radicals were planning to attack us, we were mobilizing our youth [...]