Where Are The Sane Muslims? (Express Tribune)

Saleha Riaz asks a profound question in her gut wrenching piece (Where are the sane Muslims?):  “Where are those who know that belief in one God is all it takes to be a Muslim, that everything else is secondary?” This reminds me of the [...]

Preventing a Blasphemy Pandemic (AOL News)

Pandemics have two key components: a novel and infectious agent and an oblivious populace. This week’s rally in which more than 40,000 Pakistani citizens declared their support for blasphemy laws makes one wonder: Do Pakistan’s blasphemy [...]

Pakistani Muslims must honor prophet Muhammad (Christian Science Monitor)

Remember the 1992 courtroom film drama, “A Few Good Men”? The blasphemy laws of Pakistan (which condemn to death anyone who blasphemes the Prophet Muhammad) are to millions of its minority citizens what “code red” was to the [...]