Mubarak Out; Is Caliphate In? (AOL News)

Original Article. This is what we know about Egypt: Military is engaged. Parliament is dissolved. Constitution is suspended. Mubarak is out. And this is what we would love to know: Is caliphate in? For those who don’t know, caliphate is [...]

Muslims act to dispel myths (The Star Press)

Original Article. Bruce Ippel knows how to inspire. As a secretary of education for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, I am inspired to respond to his article (Response from Muslim community desired, Jan 29, The Star Press). The crux of Mr. [...]

Not Mental. Not Muslim. Just a Killer (AOL News)

Original Article. Over a hundred years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt launched a profound concept of social justice by stating: “I shall see to it that every man has a square deal, no more and no less.” And now with the release [...]

The U.S. Constitution Promotes Equality, the Bible Doesn’t (Huffington Post)

Original article at Huffington Post Mr. Crosson: Just replace the word “Bible” with “US Constitution” in your recent article — “With Liberty and Justice For All: Why the Bible Promotes Equality” — [...]

How a storm can break the ice (Washington Post)

Original Article. Despite all the traffic, power outages and inconveniences, last Wednesday’s snow broke the ice between many people. On Thursday morning, I was able to make rounds in the hospital where I’m a doctor, thanks to the help [...]