Libyan War and the Emperor’s Moral Clothes (The Huffington Post)

Some things never change. Just like the nineteenth century tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, today’s leaders also remain obsessed with their appearance. And moral appearance is merely an extension of the same psychology. So be it [...]

Real talk USA: Materialism and Existence of God

Materialism and Existence of God – Real Talk

For Muslims, introspection is best response to the King hearings (The Baltimore Sun)

Original Article Who would have believed that, within a decade, a congressional hearing would turn the tables on Muslim leaders in America? After Sept. 11, Muslim leaders were among the first to ask, “but why do they hate America?” [...]

Getting Clear on Rep. King’s Muslim Hearings (AOL News and Huffington Post)

Rep. Peter King’s congressional hearings Thursday on the radicalization of American Muslims reminds me of the TV commercial, “There’s clear, then there’s Claritin clear.” My eyes are not itchy and my nose isn’t [...]

Blasphemy Laws: Who’s on the Right Side of History? (Huffington Post)

Original Article The ruthless assassination of Pakistan’s Minister for Minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, puts Pakistan’s persecuted minorities on the right side of the history. Listen to his recent video interview on BBC and you will know [...]