Can we all just get along? Yes, we can, a Muslim says (The Charleston Gazette)

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — I am a Muslim physician. For the past decade, I have taught a simple principle to my medical students: Never jab your patients where they hurt. Not because you don’t have the freedom to do so. But exercising [...]

Muhammad Never Tortured Prisoners of War (Huffington Post)

  Thanks to my friend, Farid, for sending this joke: Wikileaks released the following taped conversation between President Obama and Pakistan’s President Zardari, who is well known for taking kickbacks. President Obama: Mr. President, [...]

Seeking a Commander-in-Chief for True Islam (Huffington Post)

I wonder if an ad went up on some websites on May 1, seeking applicants for a new commander-in-chief for al Qaeda? Trust me. Al Qaeda Inc. is not going to allow a leadership vacuum to develop — no matter how decentralized their operations [...]

‘Muslimericans’ React to Bin Laden’s Death (The Huffington Post)

What a difference a decade can make! I remember seeing a patient with a gangrenous foot a few hours after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001, trying to convince him that an amputation would save his life. [...]