Hijab is Not a Halloween Costume (Huffington Post)

What’s common between the following Halloween costumes? A guy who painted his neck red, pretending to be a redneck, his friend wearing a white T-shirt which has “wife beater” written on it, and his friend dressed like a Hasidic [...]

Five Metaphors to Explain Romney’s Tax Plan

Where is the guy who pulled our car out of the ditch? Remember? In May of 2010 when President Obama encapsulated a ton of economic jargon for the average American in one succinct metaphor: “After they drove the car into the ditch, made it [...]

Yosef Nadarkhani: Wait! Don’t Kill The Apostate (Huffington Post)

My friend, Kamal, loves Home Depot. Why? Because of its generous return policy. Bring back your purchase with a receipt within 90 days and get your money back. So whenever Kamal has a one-time need for equipment, he buys it at Home Depot … [...]