In Islam, Heaven Is Not Exclusive (The Huffington Post)

Link to original article He was trying to find his way. While driving to the mosque for my Friday prayers, I saw him in my back view mirror, fidgeting with his GPS on a hot summer day. Driving up on Park Heights in Baltimore with a car full [...]

Saving the Next Trayvon: The Church’s Chance to Uproot the Curse? (The Huffington Post)

Link to the original article Is the Trayvon Martin’s case pitting the Church against the State? It seems so. On April 11, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a nationwide grassroots campaign titled “Second Chance to [...]

How Pakistan got boxed into religion (The Express Tribune)

Link to original article The National Database and Registration Authority’s (NADRA) refusal to change MPA Rana Mahmood’s religion from “Islam” to “Christianity” has many boxed in. A plethora of questions have arisen. Is this a [...]