Why Ban Cousin Marriages? (Huffington Post)

Link to the original article Never go to a barber shop while you are still mulling over controversial news like, “Obama invokes gay rights in inaugural address.” Because your mind may sputter an even more controversial question [...]

Muslims: #RemoveHate or Pakistan Will Disintegrate (Huffington Post)

Link to the original article Pakistan went through a Rosa Parks moment on Jan. 10 when twin bombings killed more than 100 members of the persecuted Shiite Muslim sect. The families refused to bury their kin. They protested — in subfreezing [...]

Faith and the Flu (Washington Post)

Posted at 10:37 AM ET, 01/09/2013 Faith and the flu By Faheem Younus One doctor sees the practice of medicine as a great interfaith activity. (Marvin Joseph – MARVIN JOSEPH/TWP)Let me guess; a flu-like illness inflicted you or someone [...]