Can Muslims beat their wives?

Playlist1Faheem YounusCan Muslim husbands beat their wives?

Islam on Leadership Qualities

Playlist1Faheem YounusIslam on leadership qualities

Islam and abortion


Whose Islam is it anyway? (Express Tribune)

Link to original article Whose Islam is it anyway? March 13, 2013 This cannot be the Islam of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who offered his own mosque to a Christian convoy from the tribe of Najran when it was time for their prayers. PHOTO: AFP Billa [...]

Why Ban Cousin Marriages? HuffPost Live Video interview

Give Christians equal rights in Muslim countries (March 11, 2013)

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Islam and Worldly Success


Five Differences Between a Catholic Pope and an Islamic Khalifa (Huffington Post)

More than 30 years ago, when my parents enrolled me in St. Anthony’s, a Catholic school in Pakistan, our neighbors expressed a concern: Will my faith be at risk because of attending a Catholic school? But I experienced no conflict. I noted [...]