Defeating ISIS. HuffPost Live Interview

Watch first video here. Watch second video here.

National News Roundup: Marc Steiner Show (11/17/14)


International News Roundup. Marc Steiner Show (12/5/14)

Attacking the Ideology of ISIS. HuffPost Live (Nov 19th, 2014)


Condemning Ottawa Shootings on Jimmy Mathis Show (October 24, 2014)

Audio coming soon.

Ottawa Shootings are Reprehensible. Interview with Allan Loudell (Oct 24th 2014)

Audio coming soon.
Courtesy ABC news

Dispelling Misconceptions About Islam on Hannity Radio (Oct 24, 2014)

Sean Hannity Radio – Dispelling myths about Islam by Muslimerican on Mixcloud Click here for the audio

Replace ISIS with a Better Ideology. CBS News Washington. 10/16/14

Click here to watch the news report.

Analyzing the New Terror Threat. ABC Channel 8 Town Hall Meeting

Click here to watch the ABC Channel 8 Panel discussion

Answering 7 Charges of Animal Cruelty Against Muslims (Huffington Post)

Link to original article I was in high school when my parents bought a goat in 1984, Pakistan. I named it, fed it, walked it, and then within a week, witnessed it getting slaughtered. It was a heart-wrenching experience at Eid-ul-Adha, a major [...]
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