National News Roundup: Marc Steiner Show (11/17/14)


Answering 7 Charges of Animal Cruelty Against Muslims (Huffington Post)

Link to original article I was in high school when my parents bought a goat in 1984, Pakistan. I named it, fed it, walked it, and then within a week, witnessed it getting slaughtered. It was a heart-wrenching experience at Eid-ul-Adha, a major [...]
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What about a Palestinian’s right to freedom? (FoxNews 8/1/2014)

Link to original article In his recent article, Dov Lipman invoked American values and warned us of “hypocrisy” if we don’t support “Israel’s right to defend itself.” But he forgot our core value: freedom. The [...]

What Americans should know about Ramadan (FoxNews 6/27/14)

Link to original article An Egyptian buys traditional Ramadan lantern marking the holy month of Ramadan at a market in the neighborhood of Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, June 26, 2014. Muslims observe the dawn-to-dusk fasting during [...]
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Letter to a real martyr: #Justice4Mehdi (Fox News. 6/4/2014)

Link to the original article.  Dear Mehdi, Greetings of peace! You’ve been all over the place: CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal,Washington Post, Reuters… Up until a week ago, most Americans didn’t know you. But [...]

Don’t Blame Islam for Boko Haram (Huffington Post. 5/9/2014)

Link to original article.  When the news broke that over 200 girls had been abducted by Boko Haram, I was prepared for some Islamophobic rhetoric from the Spencer/Gellar ilk. What I was not expecting were Pulitzer prize winners like Leonard [...]

Five Reasons the 9/11 Museum should drop “Islamist” (29th April, 2014. RNC/Washington Post)

Link to original articleOn May 21, the National September 11 Memorial and Museum in New York is scheduled to release “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” a seven-minute film telling the story of the attacks. Full disclosure: I have not watched the film. But [...]

Bangladesh: I Am Sorry (The Daily Star Dec 26th 2013)

Link to original article I was born in Pakistan, a few months before the war which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971. And it was only after I moved to the US that I recognised the magnitude of human rights abuses the [...]

The Half-truths of Drone Warfare (The Baltimore Sun)

Link to original article American drones have been operating since 2004 in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, my motherland. But on Nov. 21, a drone fired missiles at a religious seminary in Hangu, a settled area in mainland [...]

A Brown, Bearded, Muslim American Gives Thanks to Gap on Thanksgiving (Huffington Post)

Link to the original article As this brown, bearded Muslim was getting ready to pick up his Thanksgiving turkey order from a local Boston Market, news broke of racist graffiti in New York city. Gap had recently launched a holiday ad campaign [...]
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