Bangladesh: I Am Sorry (The Daily Star Dec 26th 2013)

Link to original article I was born in Pakistan, a few months before the war which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971. And it was only after I moved to the US that I recognised the magnitude of human rights abuses the [...]

The Half-truths of Drone Warfare (The Baltimore Sun)

Link to original article American drones have been operating since 2004 in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, my motherland. But on Nov. 21, a drone fired missiles at a religious seminary in Hangu, a settled area in mainland [...]

A Brown, Bearded, Muslim American Gives Thanks to Gap on Thanksgiving (Huffington Post)

Link to the original article As this brown, bearded Muslim was getting ready to pick up his Thanksgiving turkey order from a local Boston Market, news broke of racist graffiti in New York city. Gap had recently launched a holiday ad campaign [...]

How Prophet Muhammad’s Humility Could Shape the US-Iranian Peace Deal (Huffington Post)

Link to original article As the freezing winds pierced through Washington DC this past weekend, Tehran warmed up to a nuclear peace deal. Since you may have gotten an earful about the three decades of US-Iranian diplomatic quagmire, the two [...]

Spreading the Truth (Jewish Times. October 17th 2013)

Link to original article   Spreading The Truth October 17, 2013 BY HEATHER NORRIS BJCC hosts Islam talk Dr. Faheem Younus is quick to point out that the Quran does not encourage many of the things non-Muslim societies associate with Islam. Islam [...]

DC Navy Yard Shooting: Let’s Not Shirk Our Responsibility (Huffington Post)

Link to original article There is never a dispute about the “what” and “who” of mass shootings. For instance, take the recent attack on September 16. What: Thirteen killed and over a dozen injured in a rampage at the [...]
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Why the moral argument to attack Syria is a hard sell (Baltimore Sun)

  Why the moral argument to attack Syria is a hard sell American inconsistency on the use of chemical weapons makes it difficult to convince a bunch of teenagers — much less Congress — that we must act By Faheem Younus 11:39 a.m. EDT, September [...]

Syrian War is Not a Prelude to The Second Coming of Jesus Christ (August 27th 2013. Religion News Service)

Link to the original article As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad uses chemical weapons at the outskirts of Damascus and President Obama mulls a U.S. military response, some theologians hope for an alarming endgame to the 30-month-long Syrian [...]
Muslims offer Friday prayers in front of the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa compound

Dear CNN: Lailat al-Qadr is not a ‘security risk’

Link to original article I was putting my shoes on, leaving for my evening prayers, when my phone buzzed with a text: “Saw a CNN byline linking ‘Night of Power’ to the recent terror alert. Talk of sensationalism.” You know how it goes. [...]

Understanding a Billion Muslims: Ten Days, Ten Deeds (Huffington Post)

Link to the original article Who can decipher the mind of a terrorist? In the post 9/11 America, there is a dollar-spending, ink-spilling, competition between the government and the academia to answer this question. The faith of the terrorist [...]
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