Pamela Geller Stands For Hate, Not Debate. Hannity Radio (6/5/15)

On June 5th I was invited to debate Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity’s radio show on Fox News. Here is the audio of the debate.

Cartoons were not about Free Speech. Interview with Simon Conway (5/4/15)

Debating Pamela Gellar at Hannity Radio (4/22/15)

Iran Deal is a good deal. Interview with Hannity (4/2/15)
Radio Talk Host Sean Hannity Live in Los Angeles

Defending the honor of Prophet Muhammad(SA). Interview with Sean Hannity (3/2/15)  

Debating Daniel Akbari on Hannity Radio (2/21/15)


Islam and Democracy. Interview on BBC Radio. (1/20/15)

As part of Democracy Day, Shaimaa Khalil looks at democracy and Islam and asks if the faith has a problem with democracy, or vice versa. Listen here Photo: Shaimaa Khalil chairs a live debate on Islam and democracy with Tariq Ramadan, Heba Raouf [...]
Power of Words

Jihad of the Pen. Interview on Sean Hannity Radio. (1/15/15)

Free speech and Islam. Interview with China Radio International. (1/14/15)


Charlie Hebdo: How Far can Freedom of Speech Go? Interview on BBC Radio. (1/14/15)

French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala has been detained by police over a Facebook comment he posted online, which appears to back Charlie Hebdo gunman Amedy Coulibaly. Police are now investigating whether the controversial comedian [...]
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