Al Jazeera

TV Interview with Al Jazeera America (1/13/15)

Antonio Mora, the host of Al Jazeera’s “Consider This,”  ask whether a conflicted Muslim American identity is at the heart of extremist attacks.

Prophet’s cartoons are hurtful. NBC Interview (1/20/15)

Siouxland News – KMEG 14 and FOX 44
Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Sharia Law in America. NBC interview (1/20/15)

WASHINGTON, D.C. ( & KRNV) — Are foreign laws creeping into the American Judicial system? The Center for Security Policy said it is tracking a growing number of cases in U.S. courtrooms. Seven states have now banned the [...]
ABC video

TV interview with ABC Channel 8 Washington (1/10/15)


Defeating ISIS. HuffPost Live Interview

Watch first video here. Watch second video here.

Attacking the Ideology of ISIS. HuffPost Live (Nov 19th, 2014)


Analyzing the New Terror Threat. ABC Channel 8 Town Hall Meeting

Click here to watch the ABC Channel 8 Panel discussion
New York City Marks The 12th Anniversary Of The September 11th Attacks

9/11 Anniversary. Fox 29 Interview


Say No To Drones (David Pakman. Video Oct 29th 2013)

Link to the video interview

From Syria to Iran. TV interview with CrossTalk: Russia Today

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