Pakistan’s Blasphemy Knife (The Huffington Post)

After the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, a white reporter asked Malcolm X in reference to civil rights movement, “You feel however, that we are making progress in this country?” Malcolm responded by saying, “No. You [...]

Repeal the blasphemy law (The Express Tribune)

BALTIMORE, MD, US: I write with reference to Nasim Zehra’s brave call for repealing the blasphemy law in her article of November 17 titled “Time to repeal the blasphemy law”. General Ziaul Haq enacted this law to legitimise his usurping [...]

Do we even want this barbarism to stop? (The Express Tribune)

What are some of the key features of the Sialkot tragedy? Innocent young men being mauled by a mob filled with hate, and with dozens of people standing by, including the police, all doing nothing. These are not the hallmarks of a regular terror [...]

Blasphemy laws: the root of Pakistani extremism (The Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune)

The failed Times Square bombing raises important questions. As a U.S. Muslim of Pakistani descent, I have wondered why so many plots against America continue to be hatched in Pakistan. At least nine people with some connection to Pakistan have [...]