‘The great debate over Islam’ (Dawn.com)

THIS is apropos of Irfan Husain’s article ‘The great debate over Islam’ (Oct 13). Mr Husain is spot on in his analysis of Islam in the West. As a US Muslim of Pakistani descent, I have tried to promote the peaceful teachings of Islam through [...]

USA: Assimilation? Try “education” instead (Asbury Park Press)

The assimilation of my wife and I into American culture started in Long Branch in 1996. That is where we, both doctors, settled after moving from Pakistan. As I started my medical residency at Monmouth Medical Center, she sacrificed her career [...]

Conflicted loyalties of Muslim-American youth (The Baltimore Sun)

We need to raise a new generation for whom devotion to America and the Quran are integrated July 04, 2010 A few years ago, on a 4th of July cookout, I met a group of youth who were feeling alienated and downright embarrassed about declaring [...]

Voices that make America great (Chicago Tribune)

I write this as a Muslim, as an American, as a husband and, most important, as a father of an 11-year-old daughter who is anxious to wear a head cover when she grows up to be a NASA scientist. Our recent vacation in France reminded us one [...]