Doctor shooting is disturbing (Washington Times)

As a doctor who has treated thousands of patients, I could not rationalize the news of a man shooting his mother’s surgeon (“Gunman wounds surgeon at Johns Hopkins,” Nation, Friday). Patients pressure doctors by demanding painkillers, [...]

The Rise of Superbugs and the Abuse of Antibiotics (The New York Times)

To the Editor: Re “The Spread of Superbugs” (column, March 7): After learning that Nicholas D. Kristof believes that agribusiness is a major culprit behind the emergence of superbugs, as an infectious diseases expert, I feel that he needs [...]

Flu Fight: Keep It Simple (The Baltimore Sun)

Sick People Should Stay Home If They Can, Wear A Face Mask If They Can’t October 01, 2009|By Faheem Younus “I guess I’ll take my chances.” I hear this a lot from patients when I fail to convince them about proper management [...]

The True Cost of H1N1 (The Takeaway Morning Radio)

Flu season starts officially on Sunday, and while the government has been urging schools to close only as a last resort in the battle against H1N1, there have already been at least 187 school closures since the school year started last month. Ross [...]

Lessons learned from round 1 of swine flu (

While the disease burden so far has been mild, hospitalists are preparing for a resurgence by Phyllis Maguire Published in the September 2009 issue of Today’s Hospitalist One of the first signs that H1N1 influenza had hit Bel Air, Md., [...]