On Veterans Day, contemplating a world without war (The Baltimore Sun)

On this Veterans Day, I fondly think about my time serving as a physician-in-training at a New York Veterans Administration hospital. The year was 2000. The Gulf War was over. Our national debt was $5.7 trillion. Jobs were abundant. And “Gulf [...]

Juan Williams’ Firing Not Justified (AOL News)

(Oct. 22) — “Believe it or not, I prefer driving a car instead of riding a camel.” I have successfully used this phrase as an ice-breaker in the beginning of my noncredit course titled “Islam: Fact and Fiction” [...]

USA: Assimilation? Try “education” instead (Asbury Park Press)

The assimilation of my wife and I into American culture started in Long Branch in 1996. That is where we, both doctors, settled after moving from Pakistan. As I started my medical residency at Monmouth Medical Center, she sacrificed her career [...]

Why must we fight to achieve peace? (Orlando Sentinel)

With increasing incidents of homegrown terrorism in America, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA has led a national campaign to educate its youth about the importance of loyalty to one’s country as a tenet of Islam. As I used the term [...]

Islamophobia and Ground Zero Mosque controversy (NPR Affiliate Radio)

Islamophonia and Ground Zero Mosque controversy (NPR Affiliate Radio)

Conflicted loyalties of Muslim-American youth (The Baltimore Sun)

We need to raise a new generation for whom devotion to America and the Quran are integrated July 04, 2010 A few years ago, on a 4th of July cookout, I met a group of youth who were feeling alienated and downright embarrassed about declaring [...]