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My loyalty to my country – America

American Muslims are well assimilated into the society

Loyalty to the country of residence is a Muslim’s religious duty

Muslimericans should have no conflict between their Muslims and American identities


Rejecting a violent Jihad 

Jihad: Pen is mightier than the sword

Islam upholds the sanctity of life

Compassion, not revenge, under oppression is the best choice

Identity crisis predisposes Muslim-American youth to extremism



The world needs peace, more than freedom

All Americans must be united in establishing peace

Our foreign policy does not forge peace

The trouble with Muslims leaders

Silence on key issues

Silence on barbarism against their own people

Why Muslim world is in turmoil? Because of failed leadership

Islam needs honest leadership

Bin Laden was not a Muslim leader. He was a mass murderer

Lack of introspection


Islamic teachings on hot button issues

Tax the rich: Islamic financial system offer solutions to our crippling economy

In Islam, hell is not eternal

Islam does not support torture under any circumstances

If Prophet Muhammad had his way, there would be no Guantanamo Bay

Caliphate is a spiritual institution, not political


Against enforcing Shariah Law

We demand separation of church and state

Forget Shariah Laws; Muslims should implement laws against falsehood first

Shariah Laws are used and abused by Muslim countries

Shariah Laws have a potential to spread


Women Rights

Islam gives women a right to education

Acid attacks are un-islamic


No punishment for Blasphemy

Islam offers no punishment for apostasy

Blasphemy laws are un-islamic


Muslims countries should protect religious minorities

Prophet Muhammad would have protected his minority citizens

Muslims should protect Christian minorities

America stands up for its religious minorities


Arab Israeli Conflict

Gaza ia longing for young leaders who can compromise


Confronting Islamophobia

Hijabi woman facing Islamophobia

Bearded man facing hatred

Understand Muslims by performing these ten deeds, in ten days

Moderate Muslims do speak out, but their voices get drowned

Some media outlets have an anti-Muslim bias

Open dialogue should be promoted

Just say the plain truth; be ‘claritin clear’

Even a free vaccine from a Muslim is denied 


Middle East Politics

Pakistan and the half-truths of drone warfare

Afghanistan needs books, not bombs

Iran – US nuclear deal is a good step

Iraq war – adding to the global tumult

Syrian war  – keep doomsday religion out of it

Egypt – Mubarak out. Is caliphate in?

Libyan war – our double standards

Israel Palestine yearning for new leaders

Syria – why the moral argument fails…



On American Holidays

Celebrating fourth of July as a Muslim American

Why (and How) Should Muslim Americans ‘Celebrate’ Christmas? (The Washington Post)

An American Muslim’s Thanksgiving (Huffington Post)

Celebrating Mother’s Day as a rejected son (Express Tribune)



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