Dr. Younus served as the National President of  MKA USA, (the leading Muslim Youth Organization with more than 3000 members and 63 chapters) from 2006-2010. This provided him an opportunity to travel across the country. During his tenure, he traveled to meet Muslimericans in San Francisco, Los Angeles CA, Queens NY, Phoenix AZ, Bronx NY, York/Harrisburg PA, Milton NY, Tucson AZ, Houston TX, Austin TX, Dallas TX, New Orleans LA, Miami FL, Atlanta GA, Silver Spring MD, Milwaukee WI, Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Potomac MD, Willingboro NJ, New Haven CT, Rochester NY, Laurel MD, Columbus OH, Zion IL, Orlando FL, Old Bridge NJ, Long Island NY, Brooklyn NY and many other towns. He engaged in one on one and group discussions with them – understanding their struggles first hand.

The following videos provide a glimpse of those travels.

Leading Muslimericans to pledge loyalty to their faith and country.

This pledge (shown in the video below) is recited before starting official meetings of the leading Muslim Youth Organization in America, MKA USA.


Understanding the Muslimerican Phenomenon

Our group, MKA USA, organizes workshops around the issues of Muslim-American identity. The following video displays one such workshop held at our 2010 National Youth gathering in Milwaukee.

Building Muslimerican Identity

The following video shows excerpts of Muslimericans answering a question, “who we are?”


Muslimericans engaged in community service

In 2008, MKA USA, embarked on a challenge to adopt 50 highways across America. This video highlights that effort.

Building Muslimerican Leadership

Every year, MKA USA holds a leadership conference where local youth leaders gather from over 60 chapters and sharpen their leadership skills through hands on training.

Building Muslimerican Character Through Sports

There are always two symbolic trophies to be one at a Muslimerican sports tournament. Watch the following video to understand the idea.

Answering Tough Questions from Muslimericans

Question and Answer sessions are a regular feature of Muslimerican sessions.

Muslimericans in Action: Distributing “Muslims for Peace” flyers

Muslimericans from MKA USA have distributed over a 100,000 flyers with a message of peace in various US cities. This effort has received widespread media coverage including  a feature by the New York Times.

Raising Future Muslimericans

Youth retreats for our junior members (between the ages of 7-15) are enjoyed by all. We encourage fathers to accompany their sons and be involved with their upbringing from an early age.

Honoring Senior Muslimericans

At MKA USA, Muslimerican is not a new phenomenon. This has been going on since 1960s when MKA USA was established in USA. We honor our senior members and learn from their experiences of blending these two identities.